Premium class PPF films

Films created by detailers for detailers

The technological quality of our protective films was achieved based on our many years of experience and cooperation with professional detailing studios.

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Our PPF films are highly valued products in auto detailing studios all over Europe.

Universe Protection offers a series of high-class PPF films, with the purpose of providing complete protection for your car. Thanks to the application of crystal-clear protective films, the vehicle gains the appropriate degree of resistance to a series of external factors such as scratches and dents.

he proper thickness of film from Universe Protection not only ensures an aesthetically pleasing appearance but also protection of the paint job. Universe Protection uses only products with the highest transparency and the best quality.

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Properties of our products


The extraordinary elasticity of PPF films from Universe Protection will make work significantly easier for installers.

Universe Protection wishes to make the PPF film application process as efficient as possible for customers. The product’s high quality and exceptional plasticity will make work substantially easier for installers. We are capable of providing the highest quality protection for even the most demanding vehicles, such as G Class and RR.


Universe Protection guarantees the highest product quality for its customers and provides a 12-year guarantee.

What is more - the structure and technology of our products has been designed so that the film does not undergo cracking or yellowing.

We apply protective films not just to create a barrier against damage but also to prevent water droplets from adhering to the vehicle’s body. High-quality hydrophobic films prevent the adhesion of water, dust and dirt. The film will cause most of the water to flow off of the vehicle by itself. This makes the process of cleaning the vehicle much easier.


The unique composition and formula of PPF film from Universe Protection enables self - regeneration in the case of small scratches.

PPF protective films have the capability of self-regeneration. The surface of the protective film regenerates under the influence of heat, which is why damage, such as scratches, on a surface protected by PPF film disappears.


PPF films from Universe Protection provide exceptional clarity and transparency. Our PPF films are thick enough to ensure adequate paint protection and transparent enough to be invisible to the naked eye.


The protective properties of Universe Protection film make it possible to not only protect the paint against any abrasions or scratches but also give the vehicle an excellent look.

The protective film will give the paint more shine.
Universe Protection provides its customers with a wide base of ready shapes. Work on ready templates significantly reduces the need to perform cutting on the paint coat, and thanks to this, the risk of any mishaps occurring drops to zero! The shapes/templates ordered by our customers are cut out with great precision. We invite you to contact us in order to receive a personalized offer and quotation.

12-year guarantee


easy to clean


anti-corrosion protection

resistance to scratching

easy application

high hydrophobicity

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