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16 years of experience on the auto detailing market have allowed us to develop a very effective training cycle.

years on the European market in the industry

Over the years, as we have worked in the auto detailing industry, we have worked out exceptional training standards

We sincerely invite auto detailing studios and individuals alike to take part in our effective and modern training workshops on protecting vehicles with PPF films.

We offer excellent instructors, with many years of experience, an original, tried-and-true program, as well as the best materials, practices and tricks of the trade.


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About us

Universe Protection is a manufacturer of PPF protective films. Our experience in the automotive industry as well as our passion and engagement are key factors in the process of creating high-quality products, which are protective films. The main goal of Universe Protection is to provide protection for all cars – even the most demanding ones.

Innovation is a very important aspect in our field. Universe Protection prioritizes the quality and strength of protective films. Conscious of the very demanding standards on the market, we are capable of offering our clients the best assortment of PPF films.

12-year guarantee


easy to clean


anti-corrosion protection

resistance to scratching

easy application

high hydrophobicity

Exceptional protection - different than the rest